In association with HEAD ON Photo Festival in Sydney 2013 I was invited to exhibit my Moroccon photos in a theme titled'  Souks to the Streets of Marrakech'.  You can now view my exhibiton ONLINE on this site.  Click on 'Moroccon Street' ONLINE in the menu bar.

Marakech, a magical city that unfolds with mystery and ambience the exhibition invites you to a visual experience in which to sese and feel the many personalities that make up this fascinating kaleidoscopic city.

View informative exhibition write up by Vanessa from Weekendnotes.

Direct link to Head On exhibition details here.

***Also for your interest;

6 x FINAL BOOK COPIES for your bit of history on the SE Qld Flood Event;

FLASHBACK, SE QLD Flood Event 2011 Photographic Journal was created by Julie as a Fundraiser. ONLY 4 x final copies left for your history buff collection.  Available through Julie directly. This was a limited photographic journal print run to raise money for the Disaster Relief Appeal until it closed. (December 2011). Features 10 x photographers, Foreword from Anna Bligh and Aerial Maps from Nearmap.

$69 including postage as per original price.

VIEW book - CLICK here

And lastly my views on Street Photography.

Street Photography presents witt, elegance, character, humour, celebrations & moods of social commentary without the heaviness normally associated with documentary.

We really are a funny and perculiar bunch or people when you think about it, so take a peek at our galleries to view & observe the context of our everyday life.

Life in photos aims to uncover moments we might miss.
Photography is fun and life should be too.

Allow me to tell part of YOUR story in photos.

Brisbane based photographer: Julie White

Street representations in current galleries include Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne & Auckland. If you are looking for specific identification, please contact for information. Link to email click here